Microsoft Campus License Agreement

Eastern Illinois University and Microsoft have signed an agreement to provide reduced-cost volume licensing for Microsoft Windows and Office software for faculty and staff, on both new desktop computer purchases and reinstalls, for campus as well as home use.

Is there a limit to the number of machines on which this software can be installed?
Installations may be made on as many computers as needed, as long as they are used to conduct university business.

What is the length of the agreement?
The agreement is renewable annually for three years, but if it were to expire, you would be able to keep any software obtained during its term.

Does the agreement apply to students?
At this time, it applies only faculty and staff, including part-time employees. Students are not eligible for the program.

Can license privileges be extended to non-employees?
No. You must have and use a desktop computer to perform work on campus in order to be allowed to install the software on your home computer. Therefore, retirees are not eligible for this program.

With the campus agreement in place, can operating systems for new desktop computers purchased in the future be omitted?
No. Microsoft's licensing of its operating systems still requires buyers to acquire a Microsoft Windows operating system when they purchase a new computer. You cannot simply omit the operating system from any machine you buy. Instead, you buy the basic version of Windows and through this agreement, upgrade. You also may purchase a new computer without Office suite and install it later.

Does the campus agreement provide the option to upgrade to new versions of Windows and Office as they come out?
Yes. When Microsoft releases new versions of its operating systems of these software packages, users will be able to upgrade to these new versions using the campus agreement.

Can the software be installed in computer labs?
Yes. The software can be installed on any university-owned machines.

How much can the university save under terms of the agreement?
The annual cost of the program is based on the number of full-time equivalent employees. Based on the university's administrative computer population, the savings achieved by the agreement will be substantial.

How does a campus license benefit the university?
The campus site license agreement is a flexible, volume-based subscription program designed to reduce Eastern's total cost of software ownership. It will save the university both time and money by

  1. reducing the cost of Windows operating system and Office desktop productivity suite software that is loaded on new desktop computers purchased by the university for academic and administrative use
  2. allowing standardized Windows and Office software to come preloaded on newly purchased desktop computers rather than having to be installed after machines arrive on campus,
  3. permitting software upgrades on existing desktop computers and
  4. eliminating the need for users to keep individual copies of their software licenses.

What software is involved?
The agreement applies to current versions of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 for PCs and Microsoft Office 2008 for Macs, as well as the current version of Windows Vista Enterprise. In addition, the agreement includes downgrade rights to Windows XP and Office 2003 for PCs and Office 2004 for Macs. (XP downgrade would be useful in restoring or rebuilding older desktop computers with insufficient capacity for running Vista, for example.)

How will it work?
Currently, when university offices or departments buy new desktop computers, they pay full price for premium versions of Windows and Office software. Now, they will be able to pay for minimal versions of these software packages and upgrade to the premium versions for free.

What else?
If Dell desktop computers are purchased, these top-line Windows and Office packages can be loaded on the machines at the factory. If other brands of computers are purchased, the upgraded software would be installed on campus. At a later date, newly purchased Hewlett- Packard desktop computers will come loaded with Eastern's software image, too.

Who is covered under terms of the campus license?
All faculty and staff employees of Eastern are allowed to make use of the license on university- owned machines as well as their personal computers at home, on which university business is conducted.

Does the campus agreement apply to servers, too?
No, just desktop computers.

Must I do anything special when ordering a new computer?
No. The purchasing process will remain the same, and you will not need to take any additional steps or do any additional work.

How will the software be distributed on campus?
Information Technology Services will have downloads available on its Web site. You will be be able to install the bundles directly onto your networked computer by logging in with your user name and password to download to your machine.

Will the campus agreement apply to faculty and staff computers at home?
Yes. As long as you are employed by the university, you will have the right to run the Office software package included in the agreement on your home computer. If you leave the university, it will be your responsibility to uninstall the software.

Will this make it easier to maintain campus computers?
Yes. Because Windows and Office software will be standardized across campus, IT technicians will be able to save time when setting up and servicing machines.

Does the agreement mandate that certain computers be purchased or require the use of Windows or Office?
No. Purchasers are still free to make their own choices. Nothing in the agreement requires the use of Microsoft products, and nothing precludes the use of any other products. Faculty, staff and departments still must decide for themselves what is most appropriate