Mobile Devices

A number of mobile devices such as PDAs, Blackberries, iPhones, iPod Touches and other smartphones will allow you to view your PantherMail. Due to the wide and rapidly changing range of available mobile devices, operating systems and service providers, Information Technology Services can offer only the following limited information to those who wish to connect their mobile device to PantherMail.

General Information

In order to view your PantherMail on your mobile devices, ITS recommends that you use an IMAP and SMTP compliant application or device.

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
UserName: yourNetID
Password: yourNetPassword


BlackBerry Support

Aside from general email connectivity support, ITS also supports PantherMail calendar and contacts connectivity through BlackBerries for employees only. In order to accomplish this, you must register your Blackberry with our Blackberry Enterprise Server. Some things to keep in mind when registering a Univeristy owned or personal Blackberry to with out Blackberry Enterprise Server:

  • You must purchase a license in order to register your device with the Blackberry Enterprise Server.
  • Devices registered with our Blackberry Enterprise Server are subject to security policies inherited from the server to the device.


iPhone/iPod Touch Support

ITS supports general email connectivity to PantherMail using an iPhone or iPod Touch for both students and employees. Support for syncing PantherMail contacts and calendar is available for employees only. Employees wishing to sync their PantherMail calendar and contacts with an iPhone or iPod Touch should contact the Help Desk at 581-HELP.