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Welcome To Eastern Here we go!

Eastern Illinois University is committed to providing the resources and services necessary to keep its students on the leading edge of technology use. To enhance the learning environment, Eastern has invested in a number of technological resources, including network infrastructure, wi-fi, dedicated email, Web-based printing and many other technologies.

Textbook Rental RFID saves you money.

Eastern is one of just a handful of universities in the nation that lets students rent rather than purchase their textbooks each semester -- a policy that can add up to thousands of dollars of savings for students over four years.

But for the university, that means managing an inventory of about 200,000 books -- cataloging them, distributing them, collecting them and storing them -- a process that had been done mostly by hand.

A major component of the university’s new Textbook Rental Building is a groundbreaking inventory control system based on radio frequency identification customized for the facility by Information Technology Services.

Textbook Rental

The new facility is self-serve. Students enter the building with a list, obtained through PAWS, of the books they must have. Alternately, they swipe their Panthercard or type in their e-number on touch-screen computers at either of two on-premise kiosks, which will then print out a list of the books they need. The students then walk among the stacks on which all textbooks are shelved and themselves select the ones they need. When they are finished, they place their books on electronic checkout pads, which read the radio-frequency tags inside each book to verify whether they are indeed the books needed by the student, notifying him or her if she or he is missing a book or has a wrong book.



Panther CardPantherCard What do I do with it?

Your Panther Card is an essential, multi-functional tool necessary for many of your daily activities on campus. Your Panther Card provides the combined functionality of identification, purchasing, checking/ATM and a meal plan, all in one card. If you do not yet have a Panther Card, visit the Panther Card office, located in Room 3040 of the Student Service Building. Call 581-6596 for information.


Where is wireless available?

Mobile Website


Mobile Website with PantherMail.

The EIU mobile website  provides essential information and services on your mobile device with an interface optimized for on-the-go access. You can easily access Eastern’s website on your iPhone, Android phone or other mobile device. You can use the online directory to contact people on campus, the calendar for the day's and week's events, and the area listings to call or find restaurants, lodging options, and shops near campus. All you need to access EIU's mobile website is a web-capable mobile device with a network connection.







My EIU It's all about you.

Rivaling the positive features of the finest private institutions, Eastern Illinois University offers potential students — like yourself — a small campus, close-knit community, and great hands-on opportunities to pursue the goals and dreams of your future. As a public university, however, we provide these qualities at an affordable rate you'd be hard-pressed to find at a private school. Of course, we know there's more to choosing a college than simply reviewing compiled facts and statistics. It's also a very personal decision.

That's why we've created myeiu. It will serve as your personal portal into EIU, allowing you to learn anything you could possibly want to know about our campus. You might want to learn more about our top-flight academic programs, our numerous student organizations, or the seemingly limitless professional opportunities available to our students. That information is all right here. Your portal will also plug you into the university's latest news, events, and opportunities to visit, along with links to information matching your unique interests.





What kind of computer should I buy to use at EIU?

Although Eastern provides open and departmental computer labs, you may want to have your own personal computer in your room. If you plan on purchasing a computer, or if you decide to replace an existing one, we have defined some guidelinesto provide a computer system with a useful life of two to four years.

What is my Net-ID?